DIY Basting Oil with Herbs

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Have you ever been to Wegman’s? Wegmans is much more than your average grocery store.  They have a bakery, a deli and a butcher.  But they also have a sushi counter, a cheese shop with up to 300 different types of specialty cheeses, a pizzeria, a coffee shop, an on site florist, a sit down restaurant, olive bar and a DIY nut butter section!  I love Wegmans.  

They have a lot of exclusive Wegman brand items and ingredients.  For instance,  one of my favorite things to stock up on each time I visit is their Basting Oil.  It’s an olive oil based “marinade” infused with dried (or fresh) herbs and garlic.  It’s great for so many things. But since the closet Wegman’s almost 60 miles away, here is a pretty decent dupe for you to DIY instead. Use it for marinating both meat and vegetables.  Use it as a dipping sauce for bread or brushetta.  Drizzle it on your pizza crust before adding all of the other toppings.  Mine disappears so fast because there’s just so many good reasons to use it.  Which is probably why you should double the recipe for this stuff!



Copycat Wegman’s Basting Oil 

1 cup Olive Oil (or sunflower oil)

2 cloves garlic, minced

2 teaspoons dried parsley

1 teaspoon dried thyme

salt and pepper

Combine all of the ingredients and blend well.  I used fresh garlic.  If doing so, I recommend storing the oil in the refrigerator.  Shake well before each use. 


Drizzle it over vegetables before roasting or grilling…..

I think my cat wants some too!

Spread it on your pizza dough before topping with sauce and other ingredients…’s a link to my favorite, never fail, pizza dough.

Marinate your Johnnies’ chicken, steaks and/or seafood……shrimp, shrimp, shrimp, shrimp, shrimp…..

Toss it with pasta or noodles…… or use it as a dipping sauce for bread……

As you can see, it’s extremely versatile and can be used for so many things.  


*To the best of my ability, I have tried to indicate all ingredients, products and equipment that are available at Johnnies in Bold Print.  

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