Tastee Choice Beef & Broccoli

By February 5, 2018Recipes

Families today want convenience.

That’s why subscription meal plans have become so popular.  People are busy, but they still want weekly recipes and fresh ingredients delivered straight to their doorstep so that they can cook delicious, quick, and healthy meals at home.

Families today want to save money.

Going out to eat may be fun, but it can get expensive.  Cooking in saves money.  (And, if you can actually get your teenage children to sit down together for dinner, you gain precious family time.)

Johnnies offers a few “time saving food options.”  Pre-cooked chicken wings, pre-cooked meatballs, pre-cooked burgers.  The beef brisket, which is amazing and literally takes minute to thaw and serve.

But recently I found a new product at Johnnies that takes meal prep to the next level.

Tastee Choice Beef and Broccoli.

It’s an entire meal, prepared stove top or microwave in only 10 minutes.  Everything you need from the tender beef strips to the vegetables and white rice is packaged and ready to go.

Don’t be bummed that I didn’t give you a new recipe to try out.  Instead, I gave you the easy way out.

I’m not volunteering to deliver it to your door step.  Grab a pack the next time you shop at Johnnies and you’ll be ready and prepared on one of days when life is busy.

Beef and Broccoli

Stovetop Cooking

Remove sauce packet and thaw under running water.  Open thawed packet and pour sauce into a non-stick skillet and warm.  Add contents of the package into skillet, store to coat rice, vegetables and beef.  Cover and cook over a medium-high heat for 8-10 minutes.  Stir occasionally to blending ingredients.  For best taste serve immediately.

Microwave Instructions

Remove sauce packet.  Thaw under running water.  Pour contents of package into a microwave safe dish. Pour sauce on top of the product.  Cover and microwave on high power for 5 minutes.  Open and stir.  Blend ingredients.  Cover and microwave on high power for an additional 4-5 minutes.  For best taste serve immediately.




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