Going “Hawg Wild”

By January 2, 2012Recipes

The Christmas Season has come and gone, quickly.  As always, it was magical.  A brief pause to celebrate life’s blessings.  But this year, the star of the show wasn’t the 6 dozen homemade cookies I shouldn’t have eaten.  It wasn’t the children waking up at the crack of dawn excited that Christmas had finally arrived, and it wasn’t the angelic voices of the choir as they sang our favorite carols on Christmas Eve.

The star……of the Christmas Eve buffet was the (Farmland) Hawg Wild Pork Wings.


Of course it was my mother who introduced these treats to us on Christmas Eve.  And, I witnessed children, young and old, coming for seconds and thirds to try this new finger-licking delicacy.  The wings are 4 oz. of pure pork delight.  Meatier than their poultry counterparts, they are fully cooked and sold frozen.  (approximately 12 pieces per bag)

The only downside to these “dawgs” is…. that there is no downside.  There’s no recipe to follow, no secret ingredient to guard.  If you’re looking for a “time consuming, slave in the kitchen all day kind of pork”, keep looking.  These dawgs only need to be coated with your favorite bar-b-que sauce and reheated.  Reheating can happen in a deep fryer, on the grill or in your oven.  We chose to use the oven and they were ready in no time, and perfectly tender.  It doesn’t get any easier than that.

These “Dawgs” will be the hit of your next party (Super Bowl, perhaps?), but I also think they would be perfect for a family dinner night, especially when you’re short on time.  Just throw in some Colossal Fries or Mashed Potatoes and you’ve got yourself meal.


*If you’ve never tried Johnnies Colossal French Fries, then stop what you’re doing and run (as fast as you can) to Johnnies.  These oven baked fries are amazing!!



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